Life, and Other Things

Wow. Over a year since I posted. Well crap. Sorry about that.

Got this dandy new blog site. Got all the old posts reposted. So what’s been happening? Life. I gotta tell you.

Managed to convince the landlord to change the pool pump. Then we got a solar powered pool skimmer (i.e. the lily-pad), and a new electric pool cleaner for the bottom of the pool (i.e. the kraken!). Cut our electric bill almost in half!

We went on JCCC4!

I made more liqueuers.

We went to Kublacon. Kaylee got sign in/out privileges, and made good use of it.

Kaylee went to Camp Qwest, and spent a week with her cousins at the Grandparents in Kansas. We took that opportunity to visit Las Vegas.

The 2nd anniversary of my new life came and went. I meant to write…really.

Kaylee started 4th grade.

Phil and Kaylee went to see Bill Nye.

Thanksgiving in Kansas.

More gingerbread houses.

We went to see the Mythbusters Tour show.

We went on JCCC5.

We had some of the wiring in the garage redone.

That’s pretty much it. Life from then to now. Just wanted to catch you up.