A Pinkalicious Thanksgiving! (Originally published on 11/18/2011)

About a week ago, my daughter had the day off school, so we went to the Fabric Outlet store in San Francisco. I told her she could pick out any of the fake furs, and I would make her a coat out of it…I don’t know if I’m brave, or just crazy. Anyway, I thought she’d pick the white with pink spikes, but she chose the pink rabbit fur. I picked the hot pink tiger.

I spent my spare time this last week making her coat. Given that I’ve never made a coat, or worked with fake fur, I had no idea how it was going to turn out. I knew it would get messy…it did. I took the cut pieces outside to shake the loose fur out. Now my back yard is coated with pink fur. I followed some tutorials, and they definitely helped. But nobody had a really good tutorial on how to sew fake fur with a serger. I may have to make one myself for the next coat (mine).

But today, I have pictures for you. Enjoy!

I was particularly pleased with the button holes!

The lining of the hood is the only part I am displeased with. Since I serged the lining to the hood, there’s not much of a seam to press, and you can only use a low heat on the fake fur, and not for very long or the polyester fibers will melt. So the seam won’t turn well. I thought about top stitching, but the fur makes that daunting. So I’m leaving it for now.

And that’s the inside lining.

She had such a blast wearing it today. I’m so glad she likes it. I’ll have to start on mine after Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!