An Afterthought (Originally published on 10/27/2011)

Yesterday Monday, we played with some of the toys I bought at the PIQF. It even involved some of my stash! I had picked up a marbleizing kit, and a stenciling kit (wish I could remember the vendor). After school got out, we picked up a cheap can of shaving cream, cracked open all the vials and jars and stuff, cut up some cloth from my stash, and went to town!

You put shaving cream into a tray, drip ink onto the shaving cream, swirl it around, then lay your fabric on top. Let it sit for just a few seconds, then peel the fabric off, and squeegee the excess shaving cream/ink off.

Good thing it wasn’t very messy, or I might have regretted the whole forgetting about an apron thing!

You’re supposed to let it dry a bit, then iron to set the ink. But we missed those instructions, and went straight on to the stenciling bit.

The second kit was a stenciling kit, with a multicolor ink pad, and little mini-daubers, and a couple of big daubers, and a couple of stencils. I also got glitter. Whodathunk? I did a dragon, and let her play with the roses and butterflies.

We discovered that wet stencils don’t work well. And that the stenciled design needs to dry before you try to add glitter.

The funny part for me, is that I bought the marbleizing kit, and the stencil kit was an afterthought. But now, having played with them, I think I like the stencil kit more. I can’t see a really good use for the marbleizing. The tray is pretty small, which limits the size of the fabric pieces you can do. Maybe that’s why the dyed and stenciled pieces I see at the vendor booths are small. I might end up getting a larger tray to use, in order to make larger pieces. But truthfully, it was the stencil kit that ended up interesting me the most. I could imagine a lot of things to do with them…even with the few stencils that I picked up. Maybe I’ll have to add stencils to my wish list! lol

Isn’t it interesting, that the after-thought is sometimes what holds your attention the most?