Gingerbread House For EVERYONE! (Originally published on 12/19/2013)

I love my daughter. I love my daughter. I love my daughter.

Really I do. I must, why else would I do this?

It started in 2010 in Seattle. The elementary school had an annual auction. One of the families donated a Gingerbread House party for kids. They obviously been doing it for several years. Throughout the year, they buy lots of various candies. Then at Christmas, they’d pre-make and construct a bunch of gingerbread houses. At the party, each kid got a piece of foam core board, and a gingerbread house. They’d have all the various candies set up in bowls around the room, and each kid got a paper plate, and went around getting what ever they wanted to decorate their house. There were tubes of royal frosting in different colors. If you ran out of anything, you just asked, or went and got it. It was fantastic!

At the party, making the gingerbread house
The finished gingerbread house

So we kept it up, and as always, we invited friends. The next year, 2011, with our friends from down the street.

2011 gingerbread house making

And the next. 2012, with another friend.

2012 gingerbread house making

You’ll notice that in each of the previous years, each of the girls had a single gingerbread house. This year, Kaylee changed the game plan. She wanted to make a gingerbread village. And me, well, I’m an idiot, I said Ok.

So Kaylee helped me build the houses (15 in all, they were small).

Building the 15 mini houses

I bought some foam core board for each of the girls to build their villages on. Normally, I would have spent some time rounding up some bags of various candies, but I just didn’t have the time or energy for it this year. Fortunately, last year I had managed to buy considerable more than the girls used, and I’d stashed the extra. So I just pulled out what I had stashed away last year, and rummaged through the pantry. They managed to make do.

When Kaylee’s friends got here, it took a bit for them to warm up to the task. But within 15 minutes, they were going great guns!

2013 gingerbread house making

It took them about 90 minutes to finish everything. And look at these great results!

2013 proud makers

The elementary school here in California does an auction each year. I’m wondering if I should donate a gingerbread house making party next year. Because I love my daughter. And I’m crazy like that.