Gingerbread Houses! (Originally published on 12/18/2011)

Last year, my daughter was in Lawton Elementary, in Seattle, WA. One of the families there hosted a fund-raising event: a gingerbread house making party. It sounded like fun, so I bought tickets. It was amazing! They had tables lining the walls in two rooms, with buckets of candy on all the tables. You grabbed a plate, took a handful of anything that looked interesting, and sat down to your own pre-built house sitting on a sheet of foam-core board. They had at least 2 mixers in the kitchen busy churning out icing to use, mostly in white, but colors were available as well. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, you could think of was there and ready! There were probably 20 kids with parents there. This was just one of the rooms everyone was working in.

Turns out that they’d been doing this for quite some time. It started as a family event, and just mushroomed. They would buy candy throughout the year, mostly on sale and usually in bulk, and store it for the event each year. So it wasn’t actually candy that you’d want to eat, but nobody cared – it was just amazing the variety and quantity they had available.

So we had a blast! My daughter would pick out what she wanted, and tell me what she wanted where, I’d put the icing down, and she’d stick the candy on. Here’s what we ended up with.

The proud maker!
Front view.
The waterfall.

So this year, I wanted to make another house. I know that my daughter has more fun when there are other kids involved, so we invited the girls from down the street. I also remembered making a kit house a few years ago, and how little candy there was in the kit. So when I bought the kits (I wasn’t crazy enough to try and bake the houses myself!), I started buying all kinds of candy. Not as much as they had last year, but probably 2 dozen different kinds. Then the night before, we pre-built the houses.

Using blocks to prop up the walls till they dry.
Everyone working on their own house.

 Check out the candy stash all along the front of the table!

Working away!
Proud maker!

So it was a good day all around! Hope you have a good weekend too!