Halloween Party Time! (Originally published 11/1/2011)

So Phil got home last Friday night. And now he’s sick too. I finally get well, and have an alternate adult to hand off duties to…and he gets sick so I have to take care of him.

Anyway, the school had their Halloween party last Friday, too. I donated…wait for it…CAKE POPS! I’m sensing a theme here. But at least I got pictures this time!

I practiced restraint though, only 30 of them this time. lol

I stayed for the parade and for the party. I got some pictures of that too! First they had to bring their own chairs out to sit in when they weren’t IN the parade.

Then they had their party! And I got more pics of the cake pops! lol

Guess who picked the one with black sugar?

And a good time was had by all!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get pictures of Halloween itself, so I can’t show you the fabulous bubble-fogger, or how everyone who came up to the house ooo’d and aaaah’d over it. I love how the kids can’t stop trying to pop the bubbles! Hope your Halloween was happy!