It's a dangerous business, going out of your door. You step onto the Road, and there is no knowing where you might be swept off to. (Originally published on 11/29/2011)

With sincere apologies to J.R.R. Tolkien.

We stepped out on the Road last week, for the Thanksgiving holiday, and ended up in Albuquerque, NM!

My Mom works at the Forestry Department there, so we figured we’d be nice and stop by and let our daughter visit with her Gammy. They had a great time! Kaylee saw Gammy working on a quilt, and wanted to make one (never mind that she’s seen me working on dozens of them!), so Gammy helped her make her very first quilt…on a sewing machine!

While they were busy doing all that, we went up to the Bandelier National Monument to see the cliff dwellings. We passed this great waterfall on the way. Loved the way the water had leeched and redeposited the soda ash from the volcano into this fantastic display!

Then I saw this really cute unicorn at the grocery store, and couldn’t resist getting it for Miss Ma’am. I think she may like it.

With permission, we invited Phil’s friends over for Thanksgiving dinner. Amazing…for a guy with no kids, Stef seemed to have great fun horsing around!

On the Road back, Miss Ma’am found an old pony ride.

And we stopped at Meteor Crater.

It was a 17 hour drive both ways. I’ll post more when my butt is no longer molded into the shape of the car seat.