I've got an Etsy store! (Originally published 1/31/2012)

Hi. My name is Crickett, and I have an addiction. I know the first step to recovery is admitting I have a problem. My (newest) addiction is fabric dyeing.

Rainbow gradations!

It started with a kit. A kit, I confess, which I have had for probably 2 years, and simply never found the energy to do. So I simply decided that it was time to do it…and then three weeks later, I did! And Oh My Sweet FSM!!!! I fell in love! Just swirling the dyes around in the tubs made me grin and cackle out loud!

Then I had to have MORE! MORE, I tell you!! So I placed an order for more fabric and my favorite primary color dyes and stuff. And this weekend, I tried tray dyeing. Not every piece turned out as well as I hoped, but they were still amazing!

Now of course, I want to do even more! But this new habit is a little expensive – Oiy! In order to pay for my new habit, it seems I will have to sell some of my new pretties.

Hence my new Etsy store! See that pretty new gadget over on the right? That shows the items I currently have available. I’ll be listing more when I can get good photos.

I only hope that others like the colors as much as I do. I really enjoyed making these, and I hope to make more!