Just Another Day In My Fabric Addiction (Originally published on 10/7/2011)

I belong to a Meetup Group called South Bay Upcycled Sewing, because this summer I spent time cutting up kids t-shirts to make twirly skirts and girl’s headbands. Recently, the group announced a FabMo Distribution Event, which I had never heard of before. So I worked my way through the links, and discovered that FabMo works with designer showrooms to offer showroom samples to artists and others who could make use of that material, rather than send it to the landfills.

It sounded interesting, and I’m always up for an adventure involving fabric, so I made an appointment, and headed over there yesterday. I managed to find it without too much problem. It was in a small room, smaller than I’d expected, but it had tables along all the walls, and down the middle of the room, with various types of samples piled up neatly. Mostly there were upholstery and decorator fabric type samples – the kind you see in sample books. There were also carpet samples, and some tile samples.

The three prints on the left are cotton. It looks several lengths were laid out, and pattern pieces cut out, with these being the left over pieces between the pattern pieces. These will work great for scrap quilts, or even pieced together to make some twirly skirts!

The purple piece at top is about two yards of stretchy nylon, like you use for swimsuits and leotards. That will make several great twirly skirts! The red in the middle is a velvet, about 3/4 of a yard total. Not sure what that will be for yet. The two pinks (3 yards each) and the grey print (at least 2 yards) are all dressy fabric…I see maybe a couple of blouses, or dresses for my daughter. I also snagged a handful of buttons because they were pretty.

There is no charge, but they do encourage donations. I dropped the $15 I had in my pockets in the jar and walked away a very happy customer! I will most likely be back again!