Ready Spaghetti! (Originally published 9/23/2011)

I am sitting here, satisfyingly full from a dinner that my darling daughter cooked herself!

I love how proud she looks! She did a great job! She chopped onions and garlic.

She browned the ground beef.

She put the spaghetti in, and stirred it until it was done.

And then, she ate an entire plateful!

We found a kid’s cookbook at the Klutz sale a couple of weeks ago, and she looked through it, and decided that this was a recipe that she wanted to try. So we went through the ingredients, set a date, and off we went!

Now, you’ll grasp the enormity of this when you realize that this child will not eat the spaghetti with meat sauce that *I* make. And the recipe is the same! Only difference is that I cook the spaghetti separate from the sauce!

Ah, the wonders of getting a kid to eat something by having them cook it themselves. 🙂