Running On Empty…By Myself (Mostly) (Originally published on 10/24/2011)

It was a long week, last week.

On the 15th, I went to the Pacific International Quilting Festival. That was fun! I loved the quilts, and the vendors were good. I tried to be good, but then I found some yard cuts of some sparkly fabric, and I confess, I succumbed! After that, it was kind of a losing battle! I did manage to stay (just) under my self-imposed spending limit.

On the 16th, we went to a birthday party for one of my daughter’s classmates. I had to drive Phil over to the airport. He had training in San Diego all week for his new job.

On the 17th, I had an appointment at the DMV to get my new driver’s license. I must say that it didn’t take nearly as long as I feared it would be. I was also supposed to get the car registered. However, they required the signature of BOTH owners…and Phil hadn’t signed the paperwork…so I had to make another appointment for the 24th.

On the 18th, I started working on the cake pops for my daughter’s Halloween party.

On the 19th, I started coming down with a cold. So that cut down a lot of things I was going to do for the party.

On the 21st, Phil came back in for the weekend.

On the 22nd, we had the Halloween party! My darling daughter saw an episode of the (new, not nearly as good) Electric Company where the characters go to a party dressed as animals dressed as monsters. So she decided to be a kitty cat dressed as a witch.

On the 23rd, we had tickets to Disney’s Treasure Trove show, to which we had invited one of my daughter’s friends. They both dressed up. You can’t see it in this picture, but she’s holding a baby snail they found outside the restaurant we went to before the show.

Did I mention that we had front row seats?

And of course, a hour after we got home, we had to take Phil back to the airport for the 2nd week of training. So we’re into week two of single parenting…and my cold hasn’t gotten any better yet. I can’t even have a stiff drink to get me through it all!