The Great Pumpkin! (Originally published on 10/16/2011)

This news just in: Life is busy! But you knew that.

We have pumpkins, yes we do!

We have pumpkins, how ’bout you?

I wanted to find a place here that was similar to the South 47 Farm in Woodinville, WA…well, it USED to be the South 47 Farm, now it’s Dr. Maze’s Farm…but anyway. We went every year, and although it wasn’t huge, it was close, and had a little petting zoo, and they hauled the pumpkins in to the field right next to the parking lot, and they had lots of sizes of pumpkins, and a large variety of small decorative pumpkins as well. It was perfect.

I searched online, and found that there were several pumpkin farms in Half Moon Bay. So we loaded up last week and went. While it was nice, I think we’ll try somewhere else next year. The drive was beautiful, but traffic was awful. Some farms were very simple, and some were elaborate, with lots of kid oriented things. Given that our daughter is almost 7, guess what type we ended up at? We ended up at Lemos Farms. It was a very nice place, with petting zoos, a pony ride, a digger, and a food court type place, lots of variety, a train, balloon guys.

Our rule is: You have to be able to pick up the pumpkin you want to buy. You don’t have to carry it far, but you have to be able to get it off the ground by yourself!

We got them home, and the pumpkin gut explosion began!!! Actually, we bought a tool called a Pumpkin Gutter. If you’re into carving pumpkins, I can not recommend it highly enough! What normally took us an hour, and a lot of mess, was accomplished in 10 minutes, with minimal mess! Check it out!

And the final results (it’s a kitty, and a pirate fish…just in case you’re having trouble figuring it out!):


In addition, a while back I found a cute project on Pinterst, using milk jugs to make ghost luminaries. So I’ve been saving the jugs up…surprising how much milk we go through for just three of us. Yesterday, we drew faces on them, and strung some white lights into them.

I think we’re about ready for the Halloween party next weekend! Just have to get the house clean, sew a cape, and make cake-pops and treats. Surely I can get that done all by myself in the next 5 days? Gulp!