Well, It Took Long Enough! (Originally published 9/26/2011)

We’ve only been in this house since the middle of May, and I’ve FINALLY gotten my machine quilting frame up!

See those poles? Therein lies the reason. See, in Seattle, I had a 12′ long room in which to set up the frame. Those poles are 1.25″ electrical conduit poles, which come in 10′ lengths. Pretty handy. But here, it was either put the frame up in the garage, which would rob us of, you know, parking in the garage…and I understand that we’re kind of weird in that we do, actually, park our vehicles in the garage! Or put it up in the 9’x10′ room…and you need about 2′ available at one end in order to do maintenance.

Now, my first choice was to buy a new pole end kit from the frame manufacturer (containing all the bits that get pounded into the ends of the poles so that they’ll fit nicely into the slots), and then buy new poles and have them cut down to size at the store. Then I’d have TWO sets of poles (I know! Luxury!), just in case we eventually found a place with a bigger space, then I’d have the possibility of switching pole lengths if I needed/wanted to.

So I called the manufacturer and ordered a pole end kit…back at the beginning of JULY! And I waited 6 weeks…nothing. Called, and finally found out the kits were on back order, “but they were coming in that week, and should be shipped out by the end of the week!” Two more weeks and I started leaving messages…and suddenly they’re not answering calls, or voicemail, or emails. I’ve been emailing/calling/leaving voicemail for the last two months! I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m sure not getting any answers.

So I finally got fed up enough to go purchase a $30 pipe cutter (half the price of the pole end kit), and we went to work! Each pole had to be cut twice: once near the end, so that the pole end insert could be knocked out, and then once to length. Pole end inserts re-inserted. Last night and today before and after work, I put it back together!

Now to find the stitch regulator and cut the leaders down (or make new ones), and she’ll be ready to go! Good thing, too. I think I counted 8-12 tops that are waiting to be quilted!