Queen of Backup Plans

Well, that whooshing sound you just heard? That was Plan A; a neat lumpectomy with immediate reconstruction and (later?) reduction to match.

I had an appointment with the plastic surgeon, wherein we discussed Plan A, and pretty much nothing else.

I had an MRI yesterday that went as well as could be hoped.

After the MRI, I found the message from the Geneticist, saying the results were good news, and that I should call to talk. But all I got was voicemail. Left a message that hasn’t been returned yet.

Then last night, at 6:30, the doc called with the MRI results. The tumor is 7cm, and extends to the nipple, so it’s looking like a complete mastectomy. Oh and there was something in the other breast, so he wants to do biopsy on that side too. And I need to talk to the plastic surgeon again, now that we have a more accurate picture.

But my husband got back from Japan, so I have that going for me.

2 thoughts on “Queen of Backup Plans”

  1. Damn, damn, damn… and know that you have the fantastic attitude that can see this through. I am holding you and yours in my thoughts. Stay with the Happy Thoughts and know that you have a friend on Vashon who is thinking of you and always up for a chat — via email or voice! {{{hugs}}}

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