This Is The End, My Friends

To my best friends, the 34-G cup twins. In the beginning, this relationship was great. I treated you well, and dressed you up to show you off. Those were happy times. But I have to say, the relationship recently has taken a toxic turn. I don’t think it’s an understatement to say that lately, you’ve been a real pain. You are literally trying to kill me. So, we’re through. I’ve met someone who promised to introduce me to a new pair of twins. Who won’t try to KILL ME. So tomorrow, you and I are parting company.

Tomorrow is surgery day. I’ll be sedated, and my surgeon will perform a bilateral mastectomy. The tumor will be tested to find out the genetic make-up, so that I can be matched with the most effective drugs. The sentinel lymph nodes will be tested to see if the cancer has started to spread.

The last two days have been rather full. I met with the Cancer Care center, and made an appointment with a medical oncologist later. I had my first EKG. I met with the pre-op nurse, and someone in the financial department, and am done with pre-admittance paperwork (yeah right). Someone decided I needed a chest x-ray. And then the radioactive sentinel node injection. Oh yes. The Radioactive Sentinel Node Injection. Actually 4 injections. Around the areola. The needle pricks weren’t bad. But what gets injected stings and burns. I’m pretty sure the room had sound proofing. At least it sure should have. I’m pretty sure I was screaming and cussing like a sailor. Four times. The only “fortunate” thing was that it didn’t take long.

So four years ago, I started a new life. Now I get to start a new life again. I must have been a cat in a previous life. But I’d really prefer not to test how many lives I get.

To all my friends, my SeaMonkey tribe, and my family (there might be so overlap there) who have sent well-wishes and offered help, thank you. I will need each and every one.

I will update when I can, if luck allows.

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  1. As usual, your humor and wit make everything “better” — you are an amazing woman. Those “girls” sure are ungrateful. You are absolutely bathed in healing Light and your attitude is gonna help you kick this! {{{hugs}}} I am lighting a special red candle just for YOU and your surgeon and all involved parties. Be Well.

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