So This Is Plan What, G?

Well fuck.

So I survived surgery. Sorry I forgot to mention that. Two days in the hospital were fun – NOT. The first night, I was still recovering from the anesthesia. I had a morphine clicker. I would fade in and out. Seems that each time I faded in, I remembered the clicker, thought I had been out for a while and click it to keep the morphine up, then fade back out. That went on for what felt like hours. Turns out I faded in and out about every 5 minutes. Clicker got a lot of use, even though it won’t deliver meds faster than about every 10 minutes, it tracks how often you click.

Best part was the infinitely adjustable bed. Perfect for when you can only sleep on your back, and sitting up by yourself hurts like hell.

So two nights…and pre-authorization for only one. I’m sure I’ll get to fight the insurance company over that one.

I just got a call from the Surgical Oncologist. He took two “sentinel nodes” during the surgery, to have tested and see if the cancer has spread. One of the nodes tested positive. He said the Cancer Board met today, and recommended a short course of chemotherapy, as well as the radiation treatment, but not further surgery to get more nodes, so I got that going for me.

So although they usually wait until you’ve healed more from surgery, I get to try and push my Medical Oncologist appointment up, to discuss possible treatments. Yay.

On another note, thank god for body wipes, and for the “rinseless hair shampoo caps”. But today, I got my daughter to help me wash my hair in the sink, with REAL shampoo. I feel almost human again.

Until the next phone call…