The Kennedy Package

I met my Medical Oncologist yesterday, to map out the rest of my treatment. He’d already met with the Cancer Board and gotten their recommendations. So he was able to show me what they all thought my path should be.

I interrupted him right there. Remember that JoCo Cruise that I’m gushed about before? (Google it if need be) This year, instead of being a (increasingly large) group on a ship with folks who don’t know who we are, we’ve got the WHOLE ship! And we’re cruising in an entirely different area. We’d already paid for a room. So I asked him if we could push chemo out until we got back from the cruise, because even if we could do chemo around the cruise, you’re not really supposed to drink while in chemo.

Anyone who knows me, knows that if it were any other event, drinking/not drinking would not matter. For 11.75 months out of the year, saying I had one drink a month would be pushing it. It just rarely occurs to me to even have a drink. But this is the cruise. On the cruise, I don’t have to cook or clean, and our daughter has her own room key and can eat whenever she wants. I have absolutely no responsibilities. We all check in every night, and hear what everybody plans each day. But it’s a ship; she’s not going anywhere that we couldn’t eventually catch up with her. So I can drink.

I laughingly explained that we’d already paid for the whole cruise, and on the cruise is the one place I feel comfortable getting the “Kennedy Package“. There isn’t any actual Kennedy Package, but I do get whatever drink package is available. And any time I feel like having a drink, I can get one; and I feel like it a lot more than I ever do when I’m home.

Trying to explain my drinking habits to Doctors/Nurses in the last 5 years has been very problematic.

Anyway, I explained it all, and the Doctor showed me that my cancer growth rate is slow. How slow you ask? During the testing, they examine cells from the tumor to see how many of them are reproducing within a set sample size. Mine was 4%. Four out of 100 tumor cells were showing cell division.

We decided that my cancer is slow growing enough that 3 weeks one way or another wouldn’t change anything. I start chemo two days after we return.

WooHoo! I get to go on my cruise, with my tribe, with no responsibilities, and with as many drinks as I want! I can not state how much I feared not being able to go.


ADDED BONUS: Finally got my sister to go! She expressed interest. We talked to The Home Office for the cruise. And we figured out a way to get her on-board. Even at this late date. It only took five years.


2 thoughts on “The Kennedy Package”

  1. Cricket, I am so glad you are making fun a priority — it will feed you in times of trial, and you certainly deserve to charge up those batteries! Brava, woman — have a total blast and enjoy yourself silly! {{{hugs}}}

  2. It’s my time with my tribe. I’ve never felt so accepted as I do with that group of people. I would have tried much harder to find a way to just go if my Dr. had objected.

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