Switching Horses Midstream

Well shit.

I was running along, everything was fine, chemo was planned and appointments made. I was going on the cruise, and life was as good as it could be, all things considered. So you know something had to happen, right?

When my hubby started working at the new company last year, the insurance that was offered was…less…than the previous company’s insurance. And the doctors and dentists we’d been going to? Out of network. So when cancer struck, I had to use a particular hospital and Oncology people. Which was fine. They are great people and I was happy with them. Had all the chemo planned and appointments made, like I said before.

So of course the company decided to change insurance providers. There were four options…and not one of them has that particular hospital and Oncology people covered. And the insurance starts March 1st. Three days before the cruise. With chemo starting the 1st business day after the cruise.

We spent Thursday literally running between offices, trying to find out who and which hospital would be covered under the new insurance. I was hoping against hope that ONE of the four options would result in my not having to cancel my appointments.

Not one of the options did.

Well shit.

So I cancelled ¬†all chemo appointments. I’m clinging the faint idea that they’ll at least be available for other patients now.

I made an appointment with the Primary Care Provider (who is actually the doctor we used to go to), which is “supposed” to be covered by the insurance option we chose. Of course we aren’t actually covered yet, so that’s coming out of our pocket. I explained everything to her, let her check out the scars, explained the expanders, and she gave me an urgent referral to the Oncology department. I went to that department to try and schedule an appointment with the Medical Oncologist, which again will come out of our pocket, because I urgently need to reschedule the chemo appointments. I also need to try and schedule my port placement in the THREE days between when the insurance starts and we leave for the cruise.

So of course, somebody has to review all the records, that I hand-walked over, and make the determination that I do indeed need to schedule the damned chemo appointments. I have to wait, none too patiently I might add.

I’m sitting here. With no port placement scheduled. With no chemo appointments scheduled. With no clue if I’ll be able to replicate what was scheduled. And I still have to gather everything together for the cruise.


UPDATE: Four days later, and not a peep from the Oncology department. So I sucked it up and called. I was able to make an appointment with a Medical Oncologist on 3/13, the day I was SUPPOSED to start chemo. I explained the whole saga, so surely that means I won’t have to explain it again. Right? Yeah, right.

Oh yeah, and the bills from the surgery continue to arrive.