Oh Yeah, I Was Here To Drain The Swamp…

Ok, I’m waffling on the edge of being terrified.

First, the port placement, first set of blood draws, and first chemo appt have been set up. Once they had the correct insurance numbers, they wasted no time in heaping appointment after appointment on me. Surgery didn’t faze me at all. I went to sleep, and 9 hours later woke up with weird shaped boobs and scars for nipples. But the approach of chemo has me a little weirded out. There’s a list of symptoms that I may or may not get. And an even larger list of medications they promise will help with those symptoms. I don’t even want to the list of symptoms those medications may give me…or the list of medications for those symptoms. I’m just going to assume it’s an infinity mirror of symptoms and medications.

Second, the first insurance company sent us a refund check, but doesn’t explain what it’s for. I don’t believe that I have all the bills for up to February 28th. I don’t see where we’ve met the deductible (for that insurance company) yet. So a refund check feels a little fishy. I guess I should just cash it, and pay off some of the cancer debt. Probably just to turn around and accumulate more cancer debt. The new insurance is supposed to be better. I’m living on hope where that’s concerned.

Third, my daughter has braces. We worked out all the arrangements with the Orthodontist and the insurance company when that process started. Seems that the new dental insurance has a much lower cap, and now they want an Explanation of Benefits from the old dental insurance in order to figure out…something. I’m not clear on what. Why does the new insurance need to know what the old insurance has already paid, in order to figure out what THEY are going to pay? So I have to dig that paperwork up. All I really hear is cha-ching!

So I guess all in all, it’s just business as normal around here.Dazed and confused.

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  1. It is a full-time job staying on top of this shit — that’s why it is so expensive — so many departments duplicating efforts, creating more paperwork — and if we had a single-payer system it would be easier and less expensive in the long run. Of course, there would be different issues, I presume. Some days we just have to break it down to _what’s in front of us_ at the moment… as inane as it might be, and to simply thank the Universe that we are here to deal with it, that we have the community to listen and to hear our venting. I hear you. And I am holding you in the Light. Concentrate on the Love. Be on the path of healing. I am so glad that you are powering through this. Big hugs!

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