Cycle 1, Day 1: Crickett's Big Adventure

Started chemo today. The actual infusion was a lot shorter than they’d led me to believe. But of course, they want to leave lots of time for Justin. You know, just in case the port had developed a clot that had to be dissolved first, just in case you have a reaction, that sort of thing. I thought it was going to be somewhere between 5-8 hours. It took 2.

The biggest issue *I* had was that the area around the port was still bruised and tender. Apparently it’s a little deeper than usual, too. My nurse took two attempts to connect correctly. Not living hell, but definitely painful. As was the disconnect. Hopefully it will be easier when the bruising heals.

I drove home fine, but quickly needed a nap. An hour later I was jerked out of bed by the need to take one of the nausea pills. Only pushed it down a little, which was better than nothing.

But there was still nausea. Not the “I’m going to throw up in the next few minutes” type, but rather the “I’m feeling a little green” type where you are producing a little too much saliva and you’re very conscious of the saliva glands under the tongue. So after a couple of hours I took a lorazepam as well.

Managed to get down some chicken soup, which helped a little. As did the tums. Then turned in early. The sleep was just glorious.

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  1. Thinking of you. Hope you are feeling less nausea, soon. I take a high CBD tincture to aid with nausea… is this something you would consider?

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