Cycle 2: The Further Adventures

Started Cycle 2 on the 11th.

The day after the infusion, I no longer passed the hair-pull test. I’d took a pinch of hair and pulled, and some of it actually came out. Baldness is eminent.

The infusion nurses and I had had a conversation about the after effects of the Neulasta shot. Many women suggest taking Claritin around the Neulasta shot to ward off the long bone pain. It’s always Claritin. But I asked my nurses if Claritin would interfere with the Alegra I already take. They suggested just taking my Alegra in the morning, since it’s an antihistamine as well. But I looked carefully at the ingredients, and the active ingredients are totally different. So I just switched to taking the Claritin in the morning, and no Alegra at all. It seems to work well. I’ve only had a few long-bone aches. Didn’t last long.

So I have trimmed the bangs on my long-haired rainbow cosplay wig. I still need to work on the long curls. I think conditioning, and combing, then forming and pinning the curls, and rinsing out the conditioner might work. We’ll have to see.

When you start each cycle, you’re supposed to make appointments for a blood draw at the end of the cycle. They do labs, and then you’re supposed to see the doctor to make sure you’re well enough to do the next cycle. I don’t know what happened, but somehow I got an appointment on the 24th for the blood draw, an appointment on the 25th to start the infusion, and an appointment LATER IN THE DAY with the doctor, for approval to start the next infusion…which I was supposed to have started earlier that day. I pointed the out to the scheduling desk, and they said they’d check into it and call me. Finally got it straightened out. But I think it’s a little inappropriate to expect the woman with chemo-brain to notice and get it straightened out. But what do I know. I’m just a woman with cancer.

So, sorry if this rambles, or ends on a down note. It’s not meant to, but you know, chemo-brain. I’m really thankful for all the friends who IM me to ask how I am, or if there’s anything I need. It’s nice to feel the love.