Par-ty Time!

Ta-da! I had my last radiation treatment today! Ok, so it’s not a LARGE party, but still.

While it wasn’t bad, I’m glad to be done. Apparently I tolerated the radiation better than most. The skin is really pink, with a few areas verging on red/brown. Starting over Labor Day weekend (between the penultimate and final treatments), I started having a couple of spots that itch, or were tender to the touch.

So now? On to drugs! Basically, I have to be on estrogen blockers for the next 5-10 years…daily. But that doesn’t start for at least a couple of weeks. I’m willing not to think about it till then. No use borrowing trouble.

And I think I remember hearing that I have to wait for a couple of months after radiation to even think of getting the expanders switched to implants. I’ll be glad when that comes around, hopefully before the end of the year (deductible is already paid for this year). I’m so tired of the really weird tightness from where the expanders are sutured into place.

Once all that heals, my silver lining…I will be able to wear off the shoulder tops again.